Household hardware changes

Note the wifi modem hanging from its cables… Photo copyright © 2018 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

When one is forced to make some changes, sometimes it is an opportunity in disguise. In this case, a change of our ISP required a shift to a new wifi router, and the new hardware offered the opportunity to shift around some home network.

The new router has Gb ports. The house’s wired network is actually cat-5, which in theory is not going to be improved by the higher speed switch, but maybe it will be kept nearer its top performance. The house has a dozen cat-5 ports, as many telephone ports, and almost as many co-axial connections. The ethernet cables are tied into a single thick bundle, and figuring which unlabeled wire connects to which room is a pain.

We have been using the 3rd floor landing as office space, but the cable to that room has failed. As a work-around, to connect the printer to the network, we were using a wifi extender which had a line-in, and honestly that worked just fine (except for windows boxen who could not locate the printer on the network.) For various reasons this is a less-than-ideal solution, so I traced out the two separate ports on the 2nd floor landing – one will connect the tiny NAS and the other will host the printer, once I move some furniture around.

Of course getting the micro-nas online makes me itch to move the video, audio, and image storage into it, which would require a couple of replacement drives (the ones in it now are 128GB Raid.) Then I might be able to hook it up to the media center somehow… Something, maybe, for a later point when we actually have spending money.

On another hand, we almost certainly need to put a daughter switch downstream of the router because we need at least two more ports on the LAN: the media center, and the bedroom. In both situations the devices probably can connect via wifi, but that is another less-than-ideal circumstance at times. Time to hit up the piggy bank and see if I can get a cheap gig switch to cover a few more of those ports.