Happy 71st Birthday, Grandma Betty!

(This blast from the past was originally published in October of 2002, without the image)

“Daddy and I” Photo copyright © 1939 Maynard and Betty Ranum, scanned 2017.

October 30th is Mom’s B-Day. I don’t have a picture of her, either, at least not scanned in and ready for me to put online.

Grandma Betty is old, and now she’s officially even older. She was born way back in prehistoric times, long before electricity was invented even, in northern Minnesota which, at that time, was only a hop-skip-and-jump away from both the retreating ice age glaciers (her daddy still hunted mammoths) and the edge of the world (it was flat back then. Like a balloon. It’s round ‘cuz someone invented electricity which let Grandpa Maynard blow it up with his air compressor.)

Now Grandma Betty lives back in the hinterlands of northern Minnesota (she did a lot of stuff, including leaving Viking, that I’m leaving out of this biography), a third-world countryside, and they even have *computers* there now, which lets them get on the internet. Once in a while. Actually, pretty rarely, and then only to harrass her long-suffering off-sprung. Anyway, way far North where she is they’re expecting another ice age. But at least there weren’t many mosquitos at her birthday party. And I’m sure she had a wonderful time ‘cuz I couldn’t get a hold of her on the phone all day. Maybe the phones don’t work there.