Evangelists and politics

I was bred to the evangelical christian faith. At one point I knew the community inside and out. And it was the absolute laser focus on politics over all other topics which led me out of the community. Stating baldly that sin committed by the powerful was forgivable if they voted the right way, and not forgivable if they voted the wrong way, was a moral ‘truth’ I could not accept.

Which leaves me on the outside watching the ELCA and others desperately squirming as they try to justify their absolute hounding[en.wp] of President Clinton for lying about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky while under oath, (at the time, immediately following the 1998 elections, the Speaker-designate of the house resigned when an extra-marital affair was exposed, while three other Republican representatives whose affairs were also made public chose not to resign and won later re-elections,) yet are actively supporting President Trump who, in a colourful colloquialism, “lies faster than a dog can trot.”

So many figures of the day are on record stating that affairs, lies, even the appearance of less-than-perfection meant the President could, and should, be impeached. One of the articles for impeachment House Republicans brought up, but not approved by the House, was an “abuse of authority” because Clinton fired White House travel agents. Travel agents. Let me say that one more time: Travel Agents.

Campaigning for Trump; Dobson image from 26 Jul 2016 Truthfeed article

There is no possible way they can support Mr Trump without an exceptionally elastic sense of moral relativism. Or they have been lying through their teeth for three-quarters of a century.

My bet is with the latter.

Religious leaders pose with Trump in front of photos including Trump and model on the cover of Playboy.
Evangelicals in Trump’s turf, as posted at Skeptical Science

Unfortunately the hypocrisy is rather like a painful ultra-high-definition ultra-slow-motion slapstick comedy. It is no longer funny, and everyone is just wishing it for it to all be over. Like a video of cops shooting a barrage of bullets into a crowd of black kids who are running away, and then listening to them explaining patiently in a press conference that they were under attack.

It is not true. We must not accept it.