Alberta attacks British Columbia

Go team Go!

Alberta has made an unmistakable effort to force the Federal government to act by introducing an unconstitutional law allowing the provincial government to unilaterally cut off trade – apparently with anyone.

To be fair, Notley is clearly aiming this for the domestic consumption; no one actually believes Alberta can – legally – do this. For one thing it would violate NAFTA, which might just a little annoy the federal trade minister.

No, this is really an attempt to get the government to intervene so that, having done so, Alberta can immediately say “so intervene there, too!” That is comparing bananas and kumquats: British Columbia is not violating any trade, they are supporting the status quo (which, incidentally, is the definition of conservative politics.)

But, as a petroleum-powered vehicle owner in BC, I really and sincerely do hope Alberta does cut off shipping all their fuel, oil, and bitumen to BC. It’d certainly teach us a lesson!

And that lesson is: most of the fuel consumed here comes from the USA. Sure, our prices will spike, and lord help the people in northern BC whose supply is mostly from Alberta, and gosh darn it that will cause an even greater push toward electric and hybrid vehicles. But it sadly will not be the economy-crippling blow Albertans say they are hoping to deliver.

Most of us also heat with electricity, stupid as that may sound to Albertans. I do not. But then, BC is apparently sitting on some massive reserves of natural gas (if one believes the recently unelected conservative government of BC) so maybe there will be some misguided development of those resources so we can have even more fracking-caused earthquakes. I hope not. I suspect if the price of natural gas (delivered and managed by that wonderful Albertan corporation Fortis) spikes up I will… replace my gas boiler with an electric one.

So please, Alberta, be strong! Punish us British Columbians with higher fuel prices, so we will finally get off our butts and shift off fossil fuels! Oh, and, Port of Vancouver? I hope you will stop all tanker traffic, to support Alberta’s effort of course!