Dear Webmaster for Travel Agent Company

My family travels frequently, and I am extremely regularly on the internet keeping abreast of travel topics. An article mentioning your company on the New York Times homepage caught my eye, and I followed the link, only to receive a 404 page.

I and you both know you are blocking TOR.

I use TOR browser to provide some minor privacy enhancement. You believe you are gaining some security enhancement by blocking TOR. You are not. If an attack is possible, it will work whether or not the attacker uses TOR which only obscures from where the attack is coming.

But one thing your blocking of TOR does certainly do: it prevents your company from being available to the growing number of people who use privacy-focused operating systems, browsers, and networks. These are the people who are not visible to your SEO and marketing contractors, so they don’t care about them. But your company should, because some of us are exactly your target demographic – well educated, well employed, and well traveled. Well connected.

And not allowed to use your site.