Alarming clean

I had been thinking I could avoid running the stove hood fan because there is a light breeze so the hood has a steady draft… alas, no. I started the self-cleaning cycle of the stove and went off to work up on the third floor and the stove slowly filled the house with smoke, setting off the fire alarm after an hour or so.

“Effortless Self-Clean” icon from Frigidaire Intl. online product catalog.

Coming downstairs into a light haze of smoke set off a few flashbacks to fire-fighting training. It wasn’t thick, and it wasn’t moving, but that back-of-the-throat scrapiness of breathing trapped smokey air was enough to get the adrenalin going. That and the shrieking sonics of the alarm.

First I got the hood fan going at max, then threw open the doors to the patio. Three double glass doors open move a lot of air! I started up a couple bathroom fans to help out, then went looking for the circuit to shut off the alarms. That was about 20 seconds after the alarms first kicked off.

Fire alarm icon
Fire alarm icon from Secom

But nothing was labeled as ‘fire alarm’ in the electrical box. I checked twice, and just as I was about to get particularly annoyed – the alarms stopped. Thirty seconds of that high-pitched noise was far more than enough; my head was ringing and I can feel the ache coming on.

I suspect the alarm company reset the fire alarm remotely. But it is something I definitely want to double check. How do I reset it? probably using the alarm panel, so time to start researching and reading.

And no more assuming I can avoid the noise of the hood fan. It is far less unpleasant than the fire alarm.