SAHM 50th Gala

We are in Seattle for the 50th SAHM conference. We have a strong family connection to the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine; in fact, it was SAHM which was ultimately responsible for some of our family’s big intra-continental moves.

I am still recovering from last night’s Gala, however. It was a mostly-formal (“black-tie or suit” wth?) dinner and dance held in the Union Station grand ballroom. The building is a gorgeous industrial/art deco piece I would guess from the ‘20s; the two ends of the main station floor have a strong industrial design I would associate more with the socialist worker’s movement.

But exactly as one would expect from a hard-surfaced barrel roofed chamber, it is a distorting echo chamber. Throw a few hundred chattering people and an over-powered sound system into the space and it becomes exceptionally challenging to hear anything; my ears are rather ringing still.