Moberly, Missouri

About 1916, give or take 5 years, Mary Alnora (Dixson) Davis[G] took her daughters to Moberly to visit her siblings, their aunts and uncles.

Mary Alnora’s daughter Fern[G] is our grandmother, and is the girl on the right side of the photo. Our aunt Leona Davis[G] stands a bit behind her.

The gentleman and his wife on the left side of the photo are Henry[G] and Mamie[G] Dixson. Mamie came from an important family in the city; her mother’s maiden name was Moberly, and it is likely Mamie’s grandfather was Colonel William E. Moberly, the first president of the Chariton and Randolph County railroads. Henry was the third son of Isaac Elliot[G] and Alice Anna (Shaw)[G] Dixson and a successful grocer in the city.

Library building front view
Andrew Carnegie funded public library, Moberly, MO. (2013) Photo credit: Kaethesson

They are standing in front of the Moberly Carnegie Library, which was completed in 1904 and is still in use today[R]. A 2013 photo from Commons.Wikimedia.Org shows it to still be a graceful building, more elegant than the attached “Little Dixie” expansion building, well-maintained but also looking just a bit shabby from age.

Notes on the back of the photo were likely added by Mary Alnora sometime after 1940.

Hand-written notes on back of photo
Henry Mary Brother of May Mary. Leona, lite hair, Fern Dark hair. Library Moberly