Which lighthouse?

Unknown lighthouse. Copyright © Maynard and Betty Ranum

Sometimes a single location will show up more than once. This light house, with a black top on a plain white tower, should be identifiable just from that information (it is why light houses have such unique painting patterns: to help mariners identify where they are located.)

This one was the background for a photo of Grandma Betty once, and appears here again. The particular roll has photos of the USS Constitution interior and exterior, a number of seashore photos, two images of this light house, and one picture of someone silhouetted against the bright sea.

But I do not know with certainty which light house, when the photos were taken, or who was the photographer. (Probably Lori, probably in Massachusetts, probably in the late 80s/early 90s…)

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  1. From e-mail:

    “This lighthouse was from my first trip to Maine with my friend, Jane. I will ask her where it’s at, as we saw several on that trip.


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