TPP (now CPTPP or TPP11)

Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)[en.WP] has apparently been accepted by Canada, and reportedly will be signed in early March.

My understanding of the agreement is: it was primarily negotiated in secret, it favours big corporations, notably agri/food multinationals, and it includes massive loopholes for governments to selectively tariff targeted industries and markets. It allows corporations to challenge any regulation or law, over-turning state sovereignty. From a free-trade POV it is about as firm as jello. From an intellectual rights POV it is horrid, embracing all the worst elements of US-led copyright over-reach.

For us, the members of the bourgeoisie, the broad raff and scaff of the cities who mostly work for a living and strive to do as well or better than our parents? Like most of these ‘free trade’ deals, it allows our jobs to be performed elsewhere for less, effectively shifting our incomes to the streams of the richest 42 people in the world.

Perhaps the best summation I have heard comes from Robert Reich, who held positions in the administrations of presidents Ford, Carter, and Clinton and has held professorships at UofCA Berkley, Brandeis University, and Harvard University: “…the TPP is a Trojan horse in a global race to the bottom”[S]

The current government of Canada seems bent on violating everything they promised during the last election as quickly as possible, perhaps in hopes they can ‘reform’ for the last 18 months before the next election and fool most of the people again.

Maybe they can.