New Mexico, 1987

My parents took a road trip in 1987 to the US SouthWest. The weather, at least, was not quite what they had planned for.

There were a lot of reasons for their trip, not least of which was re-creating a road trip Dad had made with Sam and Lloyd in 1952. But as I was attending university in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and my brother was taking military training in Texas, I have always assumed an important motivator was checking up on the kids.

After arriving in Albuquerque I joined them for a road trip, first up to Sandia Peak and then down toward Carlsbad Caverns[O R C]. This is high desert, and we were driving south, surfing the front edge of a snow storm rolling down the mountain ridge; we made it to our motel without trouble but the tourist village was completely unprepared for the foot of dry fluffy flakes which fell overnight.

After touring the caves (down below it was a balmy 70ºF year in and year out) we continued south around the southern tip of the mountains and crossed to Las Cruces where they threw me out at the airport to catch a hopper flight back north while they continued on into Texas, Arizona, then looped back up north to Four Corners[en.WV] (the only spot in the union where four states meet) and the Grand Canyon[en.WP] and then returned to Albuquerque approaching the city after sundown from the west.

Dad told me several times it was the most beautiful bit of drive, that last section across the valley, with the lights twinkling and sparkling from so far away with the dry desert air giving clarity to the view.

They were back on the road heading home not too long after, and I had mostly forgotten the visit until I discovered some of the negative in the piles of negatives. The are all uploaded to the negatives gallery now.