Small happinesses

Copyright © Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

For the past year and a half a small block has been hanging off an outlet upstairs.

This is a wifi range extender. Specifically, it’s a NETGEAR ex6100, also called the AC750.

It has been working for 18 months pretty much solely to connect our wired laser printer to the home network. But with 12+ devices trying to connect to one 2.4 GHz wifi router there were some … performance issues. And then I remembered I could open both the 2.4 and 5 GHz connections of the extender to at least diversify some of the access points.

This may not work – it is, after all, still funnelling through a single cable modem – but it is a nice bit of happiness to get the tool doing what it was built to do. And may justify all that juice it sits there and consumes 24/7.