Finis !

The 110 film holder, with scan event #388 in place. Copyright © 2018 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

The last film negative has been scanned!About 1.5 months into the project the scanning element is pretty much completed.

Which leaves the much longer and more challenging tasks: post-processing and meta-data.

Scanned chip.

Now each image needs to be examined to check if it needs trimming, altering, filtering. Some will need to be straightened, others might benefit from despeckling/denoise. There are likely a few ‘chips’ – ends of the roll which accidentally got scanned, or frames which were not exposed/over-exposed, etc. Colour unfading or boosting might improve some images, but often ‘muddy’ the image, reducing the gradations which help define the edges of things. (More than half the film negatives had at least some colour filtering applied during the original scanning, which may mean some will require re-scanning.)

Unknown people? Copyright © Maynard and Betty Ranum

Meta data, though, is going to require the most time, and the most help from family members. When did this event happen? Where was this photo taken? Who is that person in the image? researching these and other questions will probably take many months of full-time effort, or it will just never get done at all.