Fiery irons

Credit: Uberof202 ff

I usually have more than a few things going at one time. Today is no exception.

Due the recently revealed Meltdown and Spectre chip vulnerabilities[1 2], all kinds of software updates and security changes need to be implemented. And since I am running 3 laptops and a server – four different operating systems (and a couple with virtual guest OSes) – I guess I have a somewhat more-than-average time investment here.

But, while one box is updating, the next one is being primed for image optimization. In this particular case I am trying to compress some of the thousands of photo film negatives I am scanning in a lossless format, but using tools and techniques which do in fact remove some elements of the image format which are not in use for the particular image. (Average savings is only about 5%, but best savings so far was 80% so it is worth the effort.)

The third box is, of course, in use slowly but surely scanning 110 film negatives. Each strip of a few images has to be manually set up, and each image individually targeted and settings chosen, a rather time-consuming process. And because of the tiny format, the resolution must often be cranked up to insane levels to get reasonable numbers of pixels if someone wants to print, say, a 5×7 version. And high resolution scans may take a half hour or more.

Which gives me time to poke at a personal coding project – a new library for url shortening. Trying to adapt my old code to the new uri library was taking more time than just starting over again from scratch. And this will need a new api/website script, of course, so yet more coding projects in the fire.

But at the same time I should be working on the server which has been languishing a bit. I need to rewrite parts of my back-up script which, apparently, is not rolling some of the logs, but also to add in coverage for the new domains. Well, I suppose I should really completely rewrite it to be non-linear, and modular, to get it to run faster/be easier to maintain.

Oh, and I have a baby sweater, a pre-schooler sweater, and a sort-of-lacey throw on the needles too, just in case I have time between the several boxen.