Urchin II

In last week’s Friday Photo I had identified the person in one of the two medium-format colour negatives. Later I discovered another negative which was almost certainly taken at the same time, same location. But the mystery is the second image was taken on black-and-white film.

Copyright © Maynard and Betty Ranum
When? probably 1966. Copyright © Maynard and Betty Ranum

If these were taken, as I expect, by Maynard or Betty Ranum, the cameras they had available to them would have made switching to/from colour film quite challenging when trying to photograph small children. And where did all the other exposures on the films go? they are not in the pile of negatives I found.

And, just for clarity, yes, the not quite so happy little person in the black and white photo is me.

The other mystery is where the photos may have been taken. Judging from our clothes, I suspect at church or some other event worth putting little kids in their best outfits.