3k images

There are now a few thousands of images from the Ranum collection uploaded to the private gallery. Soon (I hope) there will be a handful of videos, too.

At last check there were 3,067 images in the site. This is most of the film negatives, and a handful of printed photos.

Yesterday I delivered Dad’s home movies to Panada Lab in Seattle, which took about 7 hours total. More if you include the inventory, but I was home again very shortly after 15:00.

Black and white image, scanned from negative.
Scanned with normal grey scale. ©Maynard and Betty Ranum

I am still waiting on a tool to allow scanning the smaller film negatives, but there are likely not many more than a thousand frames in that pile.

Black and white image, scanned from negative.
Scanned with 16-bit grey scale. ©Maynard and Betty Ranum

In the process of scanning in all those images I learned a lot about modifying the scanner software to get the most information out of the film, but of course I learned in a going-forward sort of way. Now I need to go back and rescan almost half the images if I want to get the best archival scans.

At the resolutions here there is little difference between the images. However, when you scale up from the original resolution it is quite noticeable, especially in the details of the patterns on the dresses. The higher number of greys will only come into play when editing the image, perhaps to colorize or manipulate the image into a stereo view.

Maybe, instead of going back and scanning everything again, I should go back and pick through for especially good images. Because honestly I do not think it is worth even storing some of the pictures we took as children.