Les bournes

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I am uploading the latest collection of scans, bringing the total to roughly 3 000 images in the PhotoNegs site.

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This is quite a milestone, however, because it marks the completion of scanning the 120, 126, 127, and 135 film negatives. All that is left, from the Ranum portion of the tasks, are the 110 film, the photographs, and the movies.

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Tomorrow I plan on driving down to Seattle to deliver the rolls of video film to a company which manages that kind of d12n. Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have a better idea of how that will work out, and an estimated time for completion.

The 110 film requires a much smaller film holder to keep it flat and raised to the focal range for transparency scanning. I ordered it in the middle of November, and it supposedly shipped on 30 November. The Amazon tracking, however, says the last update was 5 December when it supposedly left the US. 10 days and no further word…

And of course I have dozens and dozens of envelopes of already-scanned negatives which are awaiting the arrival of more protective sleeves to be sorted and added to folders and then prepared for shipping. The extra sleeves were also ordered 21 November.

Of course, after I finish that part of the scanning project then I start working through the Ordner/Thrun photos.