An inventory

I expect it would be a good practice to create an inventory of the reels of film I am bringing down to be digitized. I have only the clues on the boxes to work from, and they are very inconsistent. Since they are in a very real way a family inheritance, here is the breakdown:

8mm film

  1. Bahamas – 06710
  2. Bahamas – 06711
  3. Bahamas – 06712
  4. Baling at Bills (stricken: Couples Club picnic at Red Lake)
  5. Colorchrome exp. Apr 1963 (no notation)
  6. Fishing trip – 19338
  7. Kodachrome (no notation)
  8. M.C. Ranum (5″ reel in metal tin)
  9. Maynard (3″ plastic reel, Brown photo)
  10. Scrap from mines – 3930
  11. Thorvald Lee – C556 Dec 18 ’53 (M.C. Ranum on box)
  12. unboxed 3″ Kodak
  13. unboxed 3″ Tayloreel
  14. Woody Woodpecker

There is a stray Kodachrome box with the notation “Apple Valley farm & Tobagganing” – 09145. Since there is only a single unboxed Kodak reel, I am putting it into that box and hoping it is accurate.

16mm film

There are three 2″ reels of 16mm film. One of these may never have been exposed/developed as it still has the paper roll wrapper and is in the metal tin. Another film is on a damaged plastic reel and in a tin, while the third is on a metal reel and untinned.

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