I hate waiting

I have a terrible time with delayed gratification. At least, when it prevents me from doing the thing whose result I am really waiting on.

Amazon promised, oh, days ago that more negative sleeves and the custom scanner tool would be delivered “by December 8th.” Well, here it is, the 9th, and neither parcel has been delivered.

I hate, I mean really hate using Amazon at all. For the 110 film scanner tool there was no other option I could find.

Think about that for just a moment: there is at least one company making an add-on for the F-series line of Canon scanners, and this product is not available through my local Canon dealers, either of the two camera stores I regularly deal with (from whom I purchased the scanner at a substantial discount over Amazon’s online prices,) or online – even directly from the company. The only place to find it was from Amazon.

You may have heard of Uber[en.WP]‘s “surge pricing” practice: the price of the service provided is not fixed, but fluctuates based on how much the company thinks you are willing/able to pay. (This is often marketed as “demand-based” but in practice Uber tracks how much individual customers can be convinced to pay.) This is also true of Amazon: they quote a price based on all kinds of things they think they know about you – how often your browser has visited sites related to the product, how often you have used keywords related to the product in search engines, if you have done any e-mail or facebook or chat discussions about the item or what it is used for, etc.

Well, guess what, when they have an effective monopoly on something – say a 3-d printed plastic doohickey to hold 110 film – and they know you want it, they boost that price to the most they think you can pay. If they think you’re gullible, they boost it higher, then offer you a “special markdown!” Surge pricing way way beyond what the local merchant price, and Vancouver is not cheap.

I am gullible, but not that gullible; they didn’t offer me any kind of a deal.

Last time I calculated it out – and found a deal where I could get the shipping paid for without letting them spy on me. That tool no longer works. And all the savings I had last time did not cover the extremely unpleasant shipping fees they slapped me with this time.

So I am swearing off Amazon. Again.

They only sting me when I really cannot find the product locally. Which is reasonably rare in this metropolis. The people I feel sorriest for are the people in a rural setting, who do not have the options I have here.

But in the meantime, the products I purchased with a “receive by 8 December!” promise are currently still shipping, to arrive between 8 December and 27 December – after paying $42CAD shipping costs.

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