©Maynard and Betty Ranum

Kills me to hack this down in size, because it is a gorgeous photo at more than 10x this resolution.

I don’t know who this boy is, or when the photo was taken, but I can recall times when it might have been me. I am pretty sure this was taken by Betty Ranum about 1948-1952, probably taken in Viking village.

Swinging on the screen door, when the handles are still over your head but you can hang on all the way out to the wall, where you kick back and swing in to the steps, feeling the centripetal force pulling your feet out over the steps… and each kick leaves a nice footprint on the wall, and each swing puts maximum force on the weak little hinges they put on those light little doors… it’s no wonder that parents were opposed to this past-time!

And, looking at his expression, a bit hidden, feet still in motion, I cannot quite tell if he is smiling mischievously or has a worried look as though knowing he is about to be in trouble.