Closing in on 2 000 negatives scanned in. Which is a bit faster than I had originally predicted, but then for the past two days I have not been getting much of the metadata editing done. So lots of work yet to be done on the scans before publishing.

Kodak Autographic Film – 1915 advertisement. Early metadata.

The software I had been using for offline editing of the photo meta data turned out to have a fatal flaw. It did all the offline work just fine (well, except geolocation,) but refused to upload lossless images to the web gallery. So I started exporting what work had been done about 08:00 this morning; it is now after 21:00 and the export progress report says it is 81% completed. So probably 3 more hours.

And that just exported the 750 or so images I had worked on so far. I have scanned another 1 000+ negatives, give or take a hundred. It takes 10-20 minutes for two 4-frame strips of negatives, call it 25+ images per hour when  baby-sitting the scanner.  Which suggests I’ve put in a 60+ hour week since returning.

But I have done a few things more than just scanning.