Returning from a successful raid…

Piles of stuff to be digitized. ©2017 WSaewyc

At a wild guess these stacks and boxes and envelopes represent at least a thousand hours of scanning, plus at least as much processing time. Luckily I am cheap, if also rather less-than-technically-excellent.

The family movies will be brought to a company which provides exactly that kind of service in Seattle, as soon as I can afford to drive down there. Those, at least, will be professionally done.

The negatives represent the bulk of the work. I will mostly be running them through my Canon 9000F mk II with mostly-default settings. The negatives are currently not sorted well, and only a fraction of them are single rolls of film collected in envelopes.

Box of film reels. ©2017 WSaewyc

What this means in practice is that each section of negatives – 1 to 4 images – will need to be separately identified as an ‘event’. Then, as the collection of images develops, they will be sorted as related events. This will hopefully allow for dating and tagging of the images so they can be more-easily discovered.

Which also means I need to create a new image storing website.

What I would really (really really) like is a very simple website connected to Shotwell, a wonderfully simple photo organizing software. Which is why I am creating a new Piwigo gallery site. Shotwell can directly upload to the site, and Piwigo can be left simple enough. The problem is the Canon scanner, which of course refuses to work with Linux scanner software.

Which merely means I will scan in a Mac machine, move the images to a shared folder, and connect Shotwell in a Linux machine to the shared folder. At least, that’s the plan.


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  1. Those photos marked “Grandma Thrun” are actually from Grandma Ordner. Jest sayin’.

    1. I plead jet-lag! Yes, Grandma Ordner. And they will be gotten to, eventually…

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