I am completely unsure if I am offended by this

…And usually I am pretty decisively easy to offend.

A rubber ducky? Really?

First, rubber duckies are not strong platforms for political speech. They just aren’t. No matter how big or small.

But I can see this both as a cute comment, and as a particularly insensitive ‘joke’. The biggest problem is the context: this is in a hotel room to greet guests in Fargo, North Dakota, a region with a high per-capita of aboriginal peoples of Sioux ethnicity.

And there is a lot of baggage in that, dating back at least to the uprising in 1862, but also the far more recent protests over the XL pipeline in sacred lands and waterways and aquifers. And this week’s oil spill of hundreds of thousands of litres of oil just outside the borders of a Sioux reservation from the XL pipeline.

So maybe I am offended.

One Reply to “I am completely unsure if I am offended by this”

  1. Trivializing the Indigenous water protectors by making them rubber duckies? In context, amazingly thoughtless. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m offended too.

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