The wedding party, 12 June 1929

Probably friend and family who gathered for the wedding of Fern Davis and Elling Waagedahl. ©1929 Fern and Elling Waagedahl

I have had a digital copy of this image for two years, and I am still discovering things about it.

Pictured are almost certainly the people who attended the wedding of Fern Davis and Elling Waagedahl which took place at the T.R. Davis farm in Marshall County, Minnesota, north of Viking. This particular photo was going to be sent to “Martha”, but it was smudged while annotating the front in white ink; presumably a neater copy was sent instead.

The annotations mark four central figures in the image, but are not particularly legible. The person fourth from the left is Jessie B. Dixson Yoder, one of Fern’s aunts. To the right of Jessie is Martha, who is so far a mystery. Next is the bride, Fern, and then Carrie Arnice Davis Hammond, another of Fern’s aunts.

This last identity is the most recently guessed-at, and may yet prove inaccurate. I do not feel confident, although it does fit many of the facts we have to hand. But it raises another: if Carrie could make the trip from Iowa to attend her niece’s wedding, where in that photo is a representative of Fern’s uncle Charles Davis’s family?

So how are we related to these people? Fern Davis is Betty Waagedahl Ranum‘s mother, who is my mother.