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I love my mac hardware. All my OSes are super-stable on it.

But it was purchased in 2013.

Logitech’s edition in honour of Canada’s 150th founding anniversary, 1 July 2017.

More importantly, I live in an external-device supported universe: on my desk and within cable length I have 11 USB devices, excluding more than a half-dozen USB sticks and two SD cards. And 6 months ago I folded one of the contacts in the left side USB port.

For 6 months I have been living without my usb mouse. Hell, I tell you, hell.

I could probably live without the mouse – there is, in fact, an Apple 1-button bluetooth mouse in the house – but it is by far the most annoying. (Not least because most linux-based OSes are way over-sensitive to trackpads. Typing along with the cursor jumping from window to window, or to nearly-random places in the document, is another form of hell and frustration.)

But I really cannot do the work I do without multiple USB ports. Trying to scan large images is painful if the image archive is on one powered USB device, the scanner is a self-powered second USB device, and the mouse (used for all sorts of on-the-fly scanner tweaking) is on a third USB, but your computer is down to only one port. Try backing up one multi-TB external drive to another with only one USB port.

Not the current logo.

All of which is a long-winded way of getting around to saying I am going to try the Genius Bar again. The last time I tried to get hardware looked at in-store I wandered in and chatted with someone in the back, and they sent me off to a repair shop. Fine, dandy. It was quick but annoying; no lines or hassles but they didn’t help me either. And the computer was MIA for a month. That was, oh, about 2009. Mac hardware is darned reliable.

This time, though, I could bring it to a shop right away, or I could reserve a timeslot at a local Apple store several days in advance. I know my old hardware is not going to get the priority the brand-new unit I was getting fixed last time got. And I cannot be without a reasonable computer for a month. So I am going to try Apple’s in-store service again, knowing it will likely have the same outcome but hoping they have some nifty quick fix available instead.

And if that doesn’t happen, I may just be purchasing a new box. As soon as I can find someone to accept one of the kids as collateral.

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