Plotting travel

With a very minuscule budget, and therefor exceptionally limited time to spend away, I am working on a whirlwind trip to Minnesota. And despite my normal predilections, I will be doing this the smarter way.

Not that flying is, by all measures, the smartest way. Only that this trip has to be done on the extreme cheap, which means I am counting each stop for McDonalds (2 cheeseburgers is still the best value for protein,) the location of grocery stores (with cheaper 12-packs of soda pop,) and most importantly – how many nights in hotel$.

No smart car this trip.

Which means the two or more hotels requisite if driving straight through put the car route out of the running. Yes, I will be renting a car which will cost as much as two nights at a hotel, but I am not quite up to those 20+ hour driving stints any more. So think of it as two hotels *each*way*, plus meals for those two days, and suddenly the budget is cuffing the back of my head.

Now the trouble is figuring out which hotels to stay at, and making reservations which will not over-commit the schedule. I have to take into account the weather of the upper-midwest in the lead up to Winter. It has a bit of a reputation! But I also have to account for about 8 hours of digging-through-boxes, 20+ hours of driving about, another bunch of hours digging-through-boxes, carefully packing film, negatives, and photos for transport, and in and amongst all that will be family visiting and trying to catch up with everyone’s lives. Oh, and sleeping. Maybe.

Thus far I have one of four reservations, the car rented, and the flights ticketed. Four days of pretty much non-stop motion. And I am looking forward to it.

And the work I will be bringing home from it.