Busy week/end

Last week we hosted graduate students for a cheese and beverages night, then we had a day to clean up and shift gears before hosting a house guest for the weekend and Monday. And now I am pretty much peopled out.

In another time I would have been a monk. I do enjoy having people over, or going to their homes, or going out, but honestly it is a bit stressful. This many hours of being ‘on’, however much I like the guests, is tiring.

We had about a dozen people attend the milk-and-grape-juice-gone-bad event. Including an extremely charming baby, who I sort of monopolized. The cheese was wonderful, but too much, and I am working on coming up with post-event applications. The wines were a bit more miss than hit – a sweet red that was drinkable but not all that interesting, a farm white that was less-sweet but otherwise also unnoteworthy. The one star was Grey Monk’s Odyssey[R], a champagne-style sparkling which was crisp without being sour. The not-fermented beverages actually carried the show – the sparkling pear juice and waters being popular.

Then a quick switch over to being a B&B, at least for one of the breakfasts. I made eggs-poached-in-salsa, which is my interpretation of huevos ranchero. I enjoyed it anyway. (Monday breakfast was viennoiserie[fr.WP en.WP] from Fauborg[O].) We also managed an evening of seafood at the Sandbar[O], which has an interesting view in False Creek, good food, and a fine cellar which we barely looked at.

In the midst of the day we had an installer pop in for an hour of removing and reinstalling blinds. A fine way to disrupt an already disrupted day, if ever you need it.

And now, with a bit of downtime, I am writing it out of my system and going to bed early.