There are a surprising number of things which get subsumed under the broad term ‘cleaning.’ It is so much more than washing and wiping.

At the moment I am preparing the house for presentation, and pre-party. And getting the lawn ready, plus the pre-fall checklist. And doing laundry, while starting to think about the fall linens-and-wardrobe shift. And I am putting off thinking about the fall cleaning.

Cleaning woman, Paris, ca 1906 by Charles Émile Joachim Constant Puyo. From Commons

I am also starting to poke at the server cleaning project. I have a thousand plus images needing a revised media hierarchy on one site, each of which will require manual editing. Discovered a change sometime in the last year has left the back up script broken (and the log files unrolled) for at least months on another. Still hoping to migrate data from a site I plan on shutting down, but it is pretty clear that is on such a far back burner it might just as well be in the ‘fridge. And this box needs a wipe and rebuild to get rid of the creeping crud; time to start with a clean and shiny OS. (Thank the gods for cloud storage!)

The bookkeeping has not been updated in 3 months; the finances need cleaning up. Especially as some near-future travel will need short-term budgeting… which reminds me to sort the travel kit so we have reduced stress later.

But first I need to clear my schedule so I have time to clear the house.