No matter the outcome, McCain has to wear it.

It seems likely the Republican Senate will come up with a successful Healthcare Repeal bill, probably passing in about 6-8 hours when the vast majority of those affected will be asleep. We all know this game plan: the more extreme bill from the House will be ‘negotiated’ with the suddenly palatable bill from the Senate, and both chambers will be given no chance to address the ‘negotiated’ changes – the Republican leadership will be able to stuff pretty much whatever they want into it and force it through to the President’s desk.

But if Senator McCain had not made his hospital-to-DC epic journey, this would not have happened. The debate would not have begun, the vote would have stood at 49-50.

The debate would have not started if he had voted against it, too, 49-51.

But he didn’t.

He chose to pull the trigger on this discussion. The results, unknown just now, are his to wear.

[EDIT] Late last night – but earlier than I had predicted – the final vote was made on the Senate’s Affordable Care Act repeal. The final and decisive vote was cast by John McCain, and he voted against the bill.

Which he could have done two days earlier, saving thousands of dollars and a lot of stress for everyone involved.