Weeding and yard work

It has probably been nearly 40 years since I last seriously weeded a vegetable garden. My current garden is, well, microscopic compared to my mother’s garden at the farm. Which may explain why I do not feel at all sympathetic with my 40-years-younger self who felt so put upon being tasked with weeding; I was done in only an hour or so.

Still, I am hot and sweaty and feeling creepy-crawlies all over my body. In addition to the little potager I did a cursory weeding of the side flower garden, the front garden, and a half hour with the weed whip doing the edges of the yard and the sidewalk. I shook out the cedar hedge and got completely covered by dead cedar leaves, dust, cobwebs, and a few cobweb-makers. I am amazed how dirty those hedges are. I pulled out more than a bushel of dead leaves from the front of the hedge, but the back is too wet since the sun has not gotten there yet.

Time to wait until the sun gets past the meridian, and it is really stinking hot, before I can get the rest of that hedge raked out. In the meantime, I am in the mood for a nice cool shower and a change of clothes.