An Open Letter to Mayor Robertson: Follow up

I got a response from a staffer on behalf of Mayor Robertson. And they lied to me. Which again pissed me off, enough that my response is barely readable. For that I apologize.

On 2017-06-22 14:21, Van Mayor’s Office wrote:

Dear Wayne,

On behalf of Mayor Robertson, thank you for your message.

The TransLink Mayors’ Council Vision calls for rapid transit between Commercial Drive and the University of British Columbia, with the first 10 years of the Vision targeting implementation of the first phase: extending the Millennium Line westward from its current terminus at VCC-Clark to Arbutus, with frequent B-Line bus connections continuing to UBC from Arbutus. During the design process for the first phase, all stakeholders will work together to conclude how and when to complete the next phase of rail to the Point Grey campus.

In the interim, the SkyTrain extension will cut travel time from Commercial-Broadway to Arbutus in half, to 10 minutes. As rapid transit is implemented on the Broadway corridor, upgrades to existing B-Line service will be pursued between Arbutus Street and UBC.

As this first phase moves forward, Mayor Robertson will continue to advocate to the provincial and federal governments to increase investment in transit across the region, including the second phase of the Millennium Line extension.

Thank you again for your message, and please let us know if you have any questions.


Vancouver Mayor’s Office

Your statement, on behalf of Mayor Robertson, that stakeholders will work to conclude how and when the rail link to campus is probably false, and you know this. Making this statement suggests to me you want to avoid responsibility for your decisions today.

Your statement that the Broadway Extension will cut travel time to Arbutus [in half] is a flat-out lie. Two thirds of passengers – those from downtown and the southern loop – will require to make a train change at Commercial station. This will clearly add to their commute time, although I agree they may – depending on service load – see some over-all improvement in commute time, probably relatively negligible. For one third of the travellers they will see their commute times halved.

Even if that were the case, which it patently is not, the UBC passengers would save the same percentage of time over the whole route from Commercial Station to campus if [the] extension actually went to UBC. You are saying they must spend twice as much time commuting between Arbutus and campus because of your decisions.

I expect as much advocacy from Mayor Robertson on the ‘second phase of the Millennium Line extension’ as he has provided on the Delta extension of the Canada Line. But I would wish for more.

So my questions are: why did you attempt to misrepresent the travel time gains? And to how many other people did you spread this misinformation?

Wayne Saewyc