Travel and weather updates

So I made it home about 6 hours ago. And I discovered just what kind of traveler’s purgatory Elizabeth has been crossing.

Mind you, the details are not clear in my head because my head is not clear. But, if I understand things correctly, here was the sequence of relevant events:

  • The flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Toronto was about as expected; a small plane, a complimentary upgrade at the last second, the flight arrived with about 6 hours of lay-over time. Nice start!
  • As she worked through her lay-over, the hot, steamy afternoon in Toronto developed pop-up thunderstorms, grounding all flights from Canada’s busiest international airport. Elizabeth’s flight to London Heathrow was delayed, then delayed again. She proactively approached airlines staff about her tight connection to fly on to Norway.
  • During the flight the pilots got permission to push through faster than fuel efficient (<rant>Most flights today are slower than they were 20+ years ago, because passengers let airlines get away with it.</rant>) The pilots shaved more than an hour off a 9-hour flight, but the take-off had been delayed two and a half hours.
  • Despite arriving only 1.5 hours late, despite having a personal guide pushing her through the terminal, she was still unable to catch the flight to Bergen. So they managed to reroute her via Amsterdam and then Bergen, and gave her a £10 voucher for food in Amsterdam for her layover there. And of course her luggage did not make the transfer.
  • Needless to say she arrived stressed, not having slept en route. This is not the first time her luggage has gone astray whilst traveling, so she a une habitude of always carrying a complete change of clothing in her carry-on bag. Yet again it comes to the rescue!

Luckily these are the worst things which have happened so far. She arrived in Bergen late, but still before the events began. Her first day at the conference has gone as usual, and her luggage arrived at the hotel. She is currently getting ready for the opening night events, and being chatty via text.

And I have had coffee, which has rather failed to wake me up or clear the cobwebs. Maybe I will nap later.