Working and traveling

from Commons.Wikimedia.Org

Elizabeth is flying to Norway tomorrow.

This summer trip has been a holiday, a family visit, and a working trip. Ostensibly this was an attempt to visit the oldest kid and his family on his birthday. But any time we visit the states is also a chance to meet up with colleagues with whom she is collaborating, without the usual travel costs which eat up research funds. So two out of five days were taken up with research meetings.

But on the other days we were able to spend time with several different elements of the family writ large. A funeral for an uncle, a visit to Elizabeth’s parents, and of course days and nights (in the “summer cottage”) with the kid, spouse, and grandbabies.

Tomorrow will begin her travel to Bergen, Norway, for a research conference with fellow HBSC researchers. Three flights, four countries later she will land for several nights before flying back to Vancouver. Hopefully I will manage to get back to the city before her. Actually, I know I could, but I am hoping to be able to take my time on the road trip rather than rushing straight through. I have four and a half days to get there, and it usually takes me only three days.