Family photo gallery

Fern (left) and Leona Davis, before 1910.

As many family members are aware, I have maintained a family photo gallery on the web quite a few years through several software iterations. It has been a lot of fun as a side-project, one of about a dozen things I have going on my home server.

But I am pretty much the only human who stops in to look at it. The site is down to about 10 probably-humans per month, and none of them are interested in logging in but are browsing through the small collection of public images.

Quai Wilson at Place Jean-Marteau, looking up Place Jean-Marteau, in Genève, Switzerland, 2013.

And, like every website, it requires maintenance, management. Unfortunately the last upgrade of the software resulted in a partly-broken site. During the upgrade the database update was interrupted, and now it requires a ticklish degrading of all upgraded plugins and core, then manual upgrading to the previous stable, and finally an auto-upgrade. Which may fail again. Probably 12 hours of dedicated time, or more, for a possibly still-broken site which is barely used except by bots.

So I am considering shutting it down and manually moving the files and tags to the family Cloud. The cloud gallery app is not as comprehensive as Piwigo, as you can see here. But it has the huge advantage of being much simpler, and easier to control access.

Betty Ranum in Texas in 2001.

Galleries are folders in Nextcloud, and can be shared with anyone who has a federated cloud address, or via link/password with or without expiration. And, depending on the permissiveness of the set up, the galleries could be collaborative – meaning more than one person can edit, tag, add, remove, etc. Historically this has had zero impact since most everyone in the family prefers to stay comfortably sedated in Facebook, but it is still something to keep in mind.

Unfortunately, it does not allow watermarking. Which means there will be no public access to the family photos – it just is not going to happen. To see the family photos you will need to be logged into a federated cloud account, on my server or anyone else’s.

If anyone in the family has an opinion on this, comment here or send me an e-mail.