Light House Park – Prospect Point Light

The top of the lighthouse through trees with a view of the harbor and Point Grey in the distance.
Point Atkinson Light[LF WVHS], from Lighthouse Park.
This was one of those moments when I wished I had a decent dslr camera.

Actually, I do have a decent dslr camera, but it is lacking a feature my smartphone has: geolocation. I never thought it would be a huge thing for me, but it really has become essential to know where and when a photo was taken.

Point Atkinson light is centered beyond the tree tops, the calm waters of English Bay and Point Grey demarking the southern entrance. But an ugly rock forms the left of the photo because I needed something to steady the camera. And I needed that because, just before this shot an eagle landed on the finial of the lighthouse.

Cropped from the original, a pixelated Bald Eagle atop Point Atkinson light.

And this is where it becomes obvious, the difference between a decent camera and the smartphone. The eagle is obviously pixelated in this zoomed-in crop from the photo above; the colours appear somewhat over-saturated. Perhaps I could get better results using a raw format and post-processing, but I did not.

On the other hand, we had a good walk in the park, and are adding morning hikes to our répertoire. Elizabeth’s school is involved in a ‘Peak Challenge,’ converting various excercise activities to flights of stairs units. We are on track for her to climb the equivalent of Mt. Fuji.

Point Atkinson Light from Lighthouse Park.