from Unique Japan

The goal, when I woke up, was to continue testing Kodachi[O DW], and start building a flac-testing script. Then it was to get a certain set of household chores – put on the back burner too long – accomplished. Then it was to drive someone to work, stop and make a few specific purchases, and then camp out at a coffee shop until time to reverse the peregrinations.

And even that simplified agenda suffered on-the-fly amendments, addenda, modifications… but ultimately I managed to get some of the operating-system stuff done, and a bit of knitting. And some fascinating weather-watching while sitting parked in the car overlooking Burrard Inlet/Indian Arm[map]. Thunder and lightning in Vancouver, BC! no, really, and interspersed with sunshine and rainbows, which was cool.

And we stopped for some take-out Thai food on the way home, discovering a place with a very tasty take on Swimming Rama (spinach and chicken.)