I am having one of those mornings which feels really productive.

I have done several loads of laundry and some hand-wash delicates which are drying-I-hope. Washed and dried the car, too, so it is all sparkly and shiny clean. Some yard work got done – not the ditch mowing yet, though.  The oven is cleaned, dishes put away, some minor kitchen cleaning accomplished…

Tracked down the issue with the photo site; a registration date error because the mysql upgrade failed to initiate unix date. Manually updated the tables, re-installed all the extensions and plugins. Now I have a list of 4200 images whose metadata need to be examined/fixed. <sigh> Add that to the 24k audio files which need to be tested, and their ID3 tags compared to an authority, and then everything retested to see if they can be imported into a media-streaming site. I hate metadata. Except when I don’t.

I have a list of ingredients needed to prepare the appies and stuff for this evening’s election results entertainment, so I have to run off and do that. Then food prep and wine chilling and we will be set.

And hopefully I will finish the last sleeve on this baby sweater while watching what is sure to be an interesting (in the Minnesota sense of interesting) provincial election results.

Now that I have written about how productive I have been I am sure something will happen to wipe out any progress made.