Constant update, or YARNTP

Our Nextcloud instance automates so many elements of my digital life that I can hardly live without it.

One of those is part of the sync app on my phone[Android iOS]. I have it set up to instantly upload (in my case any time, but it can be set to upload over wifi only) whenever I take a photo via any of the camera apps I have on my phone (Google Camera and Open Camera) it automagically moves the file into a file structure synced with my cloud based on the software, year, and month the photo was taken.


View from Soren’s Bluff top, 2016 May 10.

Unfortunately, after a short time this begins to clutter up the drive both of my phone and my cloud, and the photos are not in a nifty gallery setting to be shared with friends and family. That latter is a touchy point, of course; I may yet set up a social networking site, but frankly none of them are very attractive to me. Too much effort. And I am terrified of people posting mean/cyber-bullying/privacy-violating photos.

Liberal Government press event announcing education regulation that all schools, including private schools, must have sexual orientation and gender identity explicitly named in their anti-bullying policies. Photo by Wayne Saewyc.

But I do have a gallery website. Getting the photos moved over there is amazingly easy. The cloud upload means the files are available on all my machines, so I open the upload form on the gallery and just drag-and-drop from the cloud to the gallery. It is just another task and, if I remember to keep up with it, a few minutes each week or month and I am done.

Just beyond the bridge was this tinkling rock face covered with moss, a collection of fairy waterfalls with little drips and rivulets. (Location is approximate)

And the last time I was caught up with this was, oh, January 2015.

Which means I have been uploading a ton of photos (well, a lot by my standards) to the gallery this past week as I try to play catch-up. Yet Another Reason Not To Procrastinate.

	Hand-made baby sweaters by Wayne Saewyc, Spring 2017. The bright yellow is Diamond Superwash merino wool, the sage grey is Debbi Bliss EcoBaby cotton.</p>