Minor rant.

WordPress has wonderful tools to remind admins to keep up-to-date with changes to plugins, themes, etc. When something is updated you get visual reminders, and a simple way to update the software which you can do with a single click.

Or you can review the changes made, and from that page choose to update.

But the ‘view version X.X.X details’ is not for that version but the current installed release, not the new release. This is a huge problem because one does not know what the most recent changes are, so the ‘review’ is bogus.

Word press UX should indicate if the version details have been updated. If not, IT SHOULD SAY THE RECENT CHANGES HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED.

This would have two effects: it would not waste admin’s time – either they foolishly will ‘trust’ the release is always legitimate, or they will ignore the update until the recent changes have been updated and they have reviewed them. The second effect will be on the devs: they will be dismayed that people are not immediately updating and realize they have to inform their userbase what has been done.

Okay, maybe this is not such a minor rant.