Oetterers and Ainchans

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There are times when, purely by chance, there are sudden sprints of genealogy work being done. Today was one of those. Elizabeth got the bug first, tracking down info about the husband of her great-grand-aunt. I noted a set of related photos and was soon tracking down the whens and whos of them.

In this image, probably taken in the late summer or early fall of 1887, the individuals – all the progeny of Johan Friedrich and Lena Oetterer – are, from left to right: Herman Joseph, Friedricka Henriette, Mary Caroline, Katherine, and Anna Marie. Because of the apparent age of Katherine, and the visible plants, I am guessing the photo was taken in late summer or early autumn 1887; it may instead be 1888. In either case, the youngest brother Alfred should already be born, age 1-2, but too young to be in this photo apparently.

Today’s sprint has added nearly a dozen people, and more than a dozen documents, to the ever-growing family tree archive. I keep telling myself I need to break out a few of these family branchings into separate GEDCOMs – the nice thing about owning the site is you can create as many family trees as you want, hosting other people’s family trees for them or several of your own.