Earthday 2017

Today is earth day, and I have done very little to specifically recognize it.

Tulip blossom
© Wayne Saewyc 2017

The cats woke me up as usual, but after feeding them I crawled back into bed to try to catch a bit more sleep (I had had a late-night wrestling match with a fluffy novel…) My partner slipped downstairs, trying not to wake me, and being importuned by cats, thinking she had managed to get up before me, she fed them again. Conned by kitties!

But the noise she made straightening the kitchen had me awake anyway, so after a bit of dithering we decided to put in some work on the yard. Slaying grass and moss growing between the flagstones, pulling weeds, trimming some of the winter damage from the shrubs, pushing the (reel) mower through rather-too-long grass. And the daffodils are still hanging in there, though looking rather the worse for the wear.

Tulips in the backyard
© Wayne Saewyc 2017

With a mostly-full compost bin, we retreated indoors feeling rather satisfied with our efforts. And shortly, gently, it began to sprinkle and rain.

The rest of the day has been spent quiet indoors. I baked brownies. We researched some on the local elections (voting day is May 9th.) Cleaned the cat pan, and at least temporarily have stopped it making noise. Swapped bed linens. We did not drive anywhere, or buy anything, or use excess amounts of energy. Okay, I baked. And Elizabeth is attempting to come up with a stew or chowder. And there will be a hockey game in half an hour or so.

Maybe not doing things is a way to observe Earth Day.