Annual peregrinations

Cemetery with US flag flying, church in background
Photo of Rindal Cemetery and church, credit Deb Maher

This is the second year in a row as an adult I will be on hand for the Rindal Cemetery clean-up day, annually the first Saturday in May. This year will be on May 6th, and with any luck it will be at least as warm and dry as it was last year.

It will be a mildly intense schedule – I fly in the night before and am back on a plane heading home 24 hours later. I land, I drive to a hotel, I get up at oh-dark-thirty to get to the cemetery bright and early, then drive straight back to the airport to catch my flight out.

I hope it is not an overly vigorous clean up, for my seatmates’ sake. Not sure there will be an opportunity for a shower.

It will be interesting to see if there are any changes from last year. I sure hope the drunken cross is gone…