We suddenly have blooms from the volunteers.

On Saturday one of the tulips teased open, and the sun again on Sunday convinced the other to open as well, showing delicately tinted pink petals and lovely bowl within.

There are quite a number of blooming bulbs buried under the river rock the former owners added – presumably in the pre-sale period to make the gardens look better. There are grape hyacinth, tulips, and white hyacinth at least. There is a pot, whose formerly glorious palm appears to have been completely frozen out, but which is sprouting what looks almost like tulips except the buds, none of which are ready to open, look quite right.

Out front there are daffodils and more hyacinth and a purple heather in froth which smells and looks lovely.

But for now there are two pink tulip blossoms alone in stately glory in the back patio. And I am enjoying them.