No time to read, no time to study

As events ramp up toward the major family social event in two weeks I have pretty much no time for my preferred luxuries: dabbling in irrelevant technologies, reading fluffy novels, studying French, or playing in the kitchen…

Cover of the first Asterix adventure book.

…Which I was complaining about to some friends, and one promptly suggested comic books. In French.

It makes sense, sort of. Such texts are probably aimed at a younger reading audience (simpler words and phrasings,) may have a smaller working vocabulary so I spend less time looking up words, they are not as much text, and of course the graphic nature should help give context.

So far, the only example I have found is Astérix le Gaulois[fr.wp en.wp]. Well, that is not quite true, I also have a couple copies of Tintin books. And it is true I can get through a handful of pages in far less time (and with much better continuity within the story.) But it is still depressingly slow going.