Right-ho, Smedley!

In the grand quest for web-based e-mail I may have broken a few things. That is, for the past several days I have been in a panic trying to resolve a flaky inability to synchronise everything in my life – I feel non-homogenous across devices.

from MyStarPoint.com

Which used to be my norm. But then I had very little of my life in two places at once. Now it is rather like having a house, a cabin, and a time-share condo – you expect the varying decor and furniture, but would really rather have the same family members at each location.

The webmail app in my cloud may have caused unpredictable failure of the desktop sync client. Or it might be the video chat app. Or some synergistic effect of the two. Whatever the case, I turned them both off and suddenly one of my devices started syncing again. This same device has been refusing to sync calendars, clients, and notes, so time to test those clients, and also to make sure the disk sync completes correctly (1.27 TB! it may take a while.)

from TechRepublic.Com

Needless to say this may put a crimp in the quest. If it was the Mail app.

On the other hand, I have discovered another issue getting the cloud-based Mail app to work with gmail. Which is strongly pushing me toward setting up my own private e-mail server, since all my non-Google accounts work just fine, and the Mail app has sooo many other benefits. Specifically integration with calendars, contacts, etc. mean I can just save that attachment and it is on all my devices, or accept that invitation, or… you get the picture.

Gods I hope it was not the Mail app screwing with things.