Sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours…

The week past has been an aligning of the genealogy planets or something. Not sure it has all been a good thing, but it has been a thing.

So I received a response from a cousin (I am just going to start calling everyone a cousin, it is just easier) who had a few genealogy notes to pass on, which was very interesting, and included a small bomb-shell about xyr own life. Somewhere in the middle, when I was off being young and adventurous, there had been another spouse. Nothing like an entirely unknown chapter in someone else’s life to shake up how you thought you knew them.

In another chain of communications I got a serious nudge from someone who had graciously lent me an important text on a strong family axial that, well, two and a half years was long enough and I should return it sometime real soon now. Who, me? hoarding other people’s books? well, yes. But this sent me off in search of the source of the text, and opened a new line of communication with someone who is, in fact, at least as addicted to the hobby as I am.

Then my phone rang from a cousin back in Minnesota, who I had contacted about getting in touch with yet another cousin. No, xe did not know how to get in touch but there was another cousin I should talk to who had all the notes from another branch of the family… and xe had heard from someone else who had visited the last member of the Ed Ranum branch of the family in Canada recently and did I know about that family? Also, there was a mention of a Reverend Ranum in Goodrich (or was it Goodridge?) Minnesota, and had I ever heard of a Rev. Ranum?

No, I have not, so if any of my other cousins who may pop in to read here have, I would dearly love for you to contact me.

Was this everything genealogical this week? no, not by a long shot. I happen to be the current Marshall County coordinator for the MNGenWeb Project, and I finally started to catch up on things – which means almost a hundred obituaries were added to the site. And a couple of phone calls to Sextons to try to shake loose some information about certain of the cemeteries.

In addition, on my own family tree site, things had been rather slow but, with such powerful nudgings, I got back to work. And this includes adding a couple of stories from a cousin’s blog because I had never heard these stories about Knut Ranum‘s move by wagon to northern Minnesota, or heard of the Opseth family bible. Plus adding dates and sourcing events from genealogy texts, and half-a-dozen photos whose provenance I trust.

It has been busy. Yet I have more things I want to get done than ever before. More leads to follow up on, more people to connect with (and their documentation to collect), more headstones needing photographing, more historical societies to bother.