You should probably know…

…that WikiLeaks has released hundreds of thousands of documents reportedly stolen from the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States  (CIA) which purport to document that the agency 1) has identified so-called zero-day vulnerabilities across a range of platforms and operating systems, 2) has chosen not protect it citizens from possible hacking or spying by reporting or fixing these vulnerabilities, 3) has instead weaponized software (probably in collaboration with other intelligence services) to exploit these vulnerabilities—ostensibly to illegally attack citizens of other countries, 4) has been robbed of these weapons by thieves (who may be either their employees or their contractors, or some third party), 5) those thieves have had these weapons for an unknown amount of time and presumably have been using them.

And 6) these tools allow the user to make it look like anyone on the planet is to blame for their nefarious activities.

There is an important message here, however: it is rather unlikely that this just happened since, say, January 20th. It is more likely that the thieves have been getting this materiel piecemeal over a period of time, and Wikileaks was given copies sometime before 2017 (there are no documents from 2017.)

So, no, this is not Trump’s fault.

But it is possible, if the Trump tower phones were tapped, that it was the CIA, or the thieves, and they could even make it look like President Obama personally did it.

Which still means Trump is a gullible git for reading Breitbart. Really, Obama personally hacking Trump tower? for what? Trump’s personal p0rn collection?