Not-yet-belated-but-soon knitting

So I have been sick. And distracted. And busy. More distracted than any of the other.

Latest sweater, alas still on needles. © 2017 Wayne Saewyc

But the baby sweater which was supposed to be done before the first is not yet done. Just about to cast off the body and pick up the sleeves, so a solid 6 hours left to put in on the project.

It’s a bright orangey-yellow washable wool. The sweater is my classic baby raglan from the top in plain stockinette. IOW: mostly boring. But the pattern has been very popular with new moms, and the washable wool is a huge bonus for them even if it means it’s not the most huggable sweater I have ever knit.

Anyway, tonight has been a lost cause for knitting. My head feels stuffed with cotton, and I am sneezing and leaking in a most unpleasant fashion.  I was sure hoping to get this off the circular needles tonight but I will concede defeat and head to bed for my very early morning.