iVoting in British Columbia, 2017

The BC Elections site page for online voter registration is missing, server error 404.

Now someone with a tendency to see conspiracy might see this as an attempt by the BC Liberal Party (which is anything but liberal – talk about false advertising! The BC Liberal Party is considered center-right but since the collapse of the BC Social Credit Party in 1994 it has been the only conservative party in the province with any MLPs and become dramatically more conservative) to suppress voter involvement. While this does appear to me to be a primary goal of the BC Liberal Party, this particular issue is probably not their fault.

It appears the BC Elections site simply changed the location of the page, and then failed to set a 302 Moved Permanently status for the old address. And we have no idea when the page moved – it may have been years ago, and the search engines have just kept the bad address all this time…

But where you want to go is a similar address, “Update Your Voter Registration“. This and the very similar “Register to Vote” are actually ‘soft redirects’ to a separate subdomain ERegister.ElectionsBC.gov.bc.ca.

I will not begin to discuss how hokey and under-budgeted this site appears to be, but let’s just say it looks like amateur crap that is sure to scare away any reasonably conscious netizen.

But we are still not implying any voter suppression on the part of the provincial government; I assume this is simply yet another example of how they are trying to starve any independent part of the government which is supposed to be a watchdog over their actions or failure to act.

Anyway, the above-linked Online Voter Registration is a relatively painless 4-5 page form which should allow you to update your voter information (or register initially) for the provincial elections.

AND I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO VOTE, assuming you are legally eligible to do so.

Small side note: no, you cannot vote online. SIIIiiiiigh.