GPG / PGP and wordpress

I love using encryption to secure my e-mail.

A flickering, constantly changing grid 4x4
A graphic example of the avalanched effect of the AES cypher, by Simpsons contributor. From Commons.Wikimedia.Org

GPG or PGP are the envelope into which you stuff your message, and send it winging its way quietly across the internet, reasonably confident that random people are not pruriently eyeing the contents. Not that you have anything especially secret, just the small sense of privacy between two people.

True, there is little reason to believe that your message will remain private if a determined individual (or state actor) wants to muscle in. They could just prevent its delivery, or shred the envelope. In modern parlance that’d be brute-forcing their way through the encryption.

Logo encouraging encryption for all
A PD symbol encouraging the availability of good encrypt, by Camilo Sanchez, from Commons.Wikimedia.Org

But just the feeling that, to some degree, an e-mail is kept private, just between the sender and the addressee, that is why I love encrypted e-mails.

Except the moments when I am beating my head against the wall because the comment script has so thoroughly locked things up I cannot get anything back out on the receiving end. Apparently this tool is not quite flawless.

EDIT 2017-02-07: Fair is fair – in fact I had saved an old public key to the server, for which the passphrase had expired in my password safe. So it was not the tool at fault, but me.